Dealing with HMRC – Tactics

As a seasoned professional, I sometimes have to think outside of the box in order to win an argument with HMRC. In fact, my clients don’t get a lot of queries, and I’ve been told that HMRC keep a database of those accountants they think are reputable, and those that aren’t. However, over the years, … Continued

Saving Tax

One of the things I’m quite shy about is jumping up and down and boasting how much tax I’m going to save people. The reality is that if I simply get on with my job quietly, on average, I probably do save my clients circa £2,000 to £3,000 every year. However, I did recently save … Continued

Stuart Harris – Friendly Accountant

Things are quietening down after self-assessment, and we are now nearly at the end of another tax year. I therefore thought I’d write an article telling you a bit more about me, Stuart Harris, and how I run Stuart Harris Associates. Originally, I’m from South London where I trained and was a partner with my … Continued

Cloud-Based Bookkeeping and Other Services

Ask us about cloud-based bookkeeping packages. In particular, we recommend Iris OpenBooks (powered by FreeAgent). However, there are also other good packages eg Sage, KashFlow, Xero etc – because of all the competition it’s a win-win situation for users ! At Stuart Harris Associates, we now have a number of very happy clients using these … Continued

Should I Incorporate ?

All you need to know but were afraid to ask about choosing the right way to trade…………. What are the options ? Sole trader Partnership Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Limited Company Sole Trader This is simply where you are trading in your own name and you are your own boss !!! Partnership This is where … Continued

What is a fair amount of tax to pay ?

I guess that’s a bit of a leading question, as most of us would say that we don’t want to pay any tax at all. However, we all know that in reality, taxes are a necessary evil. Most of us appreciate that all our public services (eg schools, health etc etc) need to be funded somehow.