Lord Blunkett Q&A

I was lucky enough to attend a Q&A session by Lord Blunkett this week. As you are probably aware, I am a big fan of Lord Blunkett, and in his political career, he has been Education and Employment Secretary, and also the Home Secretary. He therefore speaks with authority and common sense about matters affecting … Continued

Lord Blunkett / The Leaders Council

As you may be aware, I am a member of The Leaders Council. It is essentially a lobbying group which connects business-people with politicians. I have just received a personal thank-you from Lord Blunkett, someone I hold in the highest regard for his service to the country.

Working from Home – the new normal

Here’s a video about working from home. Covid has probably accelerated this quiet revolution, and it might help you to achieve a better work / life balance. I have been doing it for a number of years now, and as well as building up my practice, (it’s now a bit bigger than I like to … Continued

Thinking of going electric ?

Here’s a video if you’re thinking about getting an electric car. The costs are coming down, and all of the car manufacturers will be introducing new models this year. This competition is good for consumers !!!

Online Bookkeeping Packages

Online bookkeeping packages really do help you to run and manage your business. We are now FreeAgent accredited, but we can also help you with the other packages (Xero, Kashflow, QuickBooks etc) 😄

Starting a Business

A brand new year !!! If you’re thinking of starting a new business, Stuart Harris Associates, The Friendly Accountants, can help you with practical advice 😄

The Leaders Council

As a member of The Leaders Council (formerly The Parliamentary Review), my previous article about simplifying the UK tax system has been re-quoted. I am also quite honoured to have been quoted in the same article as the Prime Minister. https://www.leaderscouncil.co.uk/news/leaders-in-their-own-words-johnson-betts-harris-miah-hughes-thomas-reese Update November 14, 2020 :- https://www.leaderscouncil.co.uk/news/business-leaders-speak-about-the-effects-of-the-autumn-lockdown-on-the-retail-sector-and-overall-economic-outlook

Dynamic team

Planning Ahead

With the current coronavirus situation, have you taken the opportunity to plot and plan for yourself, your families and your business ? It has always been important to look after yourself first before you can then look to help others. A good analogy of this is in an aircraft emergency, they always tell you to … Continued